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How To Make A Difficult Decision On Your Team

This shortie episode answers a time-old question that trips up most team owners.  You know...

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How To Succeed As An Introvert In Real Estate

"Certain people are just wired differently, and realizing that was a pivot and...

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EP 86: The 4 Habits You Have To Implement In Your Business To Reach Success FASTER 🌟

Success isn’t a pipe dream or an accident, it’s an action plan.


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It's Like Business School With Fuzzy Slippers & A

Drink In Your Hand....

Oh wait.  That IS how I did business school!  Goooooo Dawgs!  Sic'em!

Only no one ever taught me that a podcast was an in-valuable tool in marketing my business.  If you're launching and hosting one as part of your strategy, guesting on pods to grow your audience for your brand, or doing a little of both....I've got a curated playlist specifically for ya right here.  

Grow Your Pod

Discover how to start and grow your biz using a podcast.  From email list building to social media advice, your guide to getting into action starts here. Pick that microphone up and start leveraging it to amplify the biz you love creating.

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Guesting On Pods

 Maybe you have a podcast, maybe you don't. You realize the value of putting yourself behind the mic of other ambitious women.  Their audience can be yours too because magic happens when like-minded people share a space.

Yes Please! I'll Take A Double

Find Your Tribe

Tired of listening to the men give you the bro-tastic techniques to grow your biz?  Yeah.  Us to.  Here's your curated list of lessons from powerhouse women podcasters.  This is the bar stool you'll never want to hop down from.

That's My Love Language!

Hey Joanne!  What advice have you got for me on......

Let's Kick It Google Style!

✨Just so we're clear: I won't leave ya hanging, but I'll DEFINITELY sound smartest (and you'll enjoy it the most) if you pick my virtual brain on the topics of being a Realtor, social media, email and list building, marketing and branding, and of course....podcasting.    

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Get all the resources you need to start and scale that badass podcast of yours.  This is THE community for women podcasters-heck maybe it's the ONLY community for women podcasters.    

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