The girlfriend's guide to business podcast that is helping thousands of women shift from overwhelm and burnout to sassy, classy and a little bad assey.

It's so simple it's hard (but doesn't have to be!)  Grab a glass of wine, curl up on the couch in your fuzzy slippers, and tune in.


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How To Succeed As An Introvert In Real Estate

"Certain people are just wired differently, and realizing that was a pivot and...

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EP 86: The 4 Habits You Have To Implement In Your Business To Reach Success FASTER 🌟

Success isn’t a pipe dream or an accident, it’s an action plan.


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Cringeworthy Mistakes I Bet You're Making In Your Emails 🙈

The stories we tell, and how we tell them are the catalyst to creating great relationships. ...

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It's Like Business School With Fuzzy Slippers & A

Drink In Your Hand....

Oh wait.  That IS how I did business school!  Goooooo Dawgs!  Sic'em!

If you love my podcast, then you're going to love getting a curated path just for you, in whatever season you're in.  Think of this as the girlfriend's guide to business 

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Discover how to start and grow your biz.  From email list to branding advice, your guide to getting into action starts here.

Oh Yes! I Need These This!

Leveling It Up Guide

Leverage your time and energy with systems and tools to build a sustainable biz that  brings in the money honey

Yes Please! I'll Take A Double

The Good Life Guide

Change your mindset, set boundaries and start new habits that will have you putting the "Away On Vacay" sign out

That's My Love Language!

Hey Joanne!  What advice have you got for me on......

Let's Kick It Google Style!

✨Just so we're clear: I won't leave ya hanging, but I'll DEFINITELY sound smartest (and you'll enjoy it the most) if you pick my virtual brain on the topics of being a Realtor, social media, email and list building, marketing and branding, and of course....podcasting.    

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Join me for monthly coaching and mastermind sessions, recordings of past trainings, and deeper dive Q&A's.  

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