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The B-Word Podcast

The B-Word Podcast is your girlfriend's guide for women entrepreneurs to crush it & create a life you absolutely adore.

 Grab your glass of wine and curl up in your fuzzy slippers with your notebook & sharpie marker. 

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What You'll Learn By Tuning In:

Online Marketing Made Simple

Oh the places you'll go when you stop trying the hard stuff, and start working on the strategies you can handle.  Through bite-sized episodes, learn to craft a solid business & build a relationship with your community of amazeball clients


Turn Your Little 'Ole Podcast Into A Marketing Machine

You're already creating content for it. Why not give it a promotion to Chief Marketing Officer for your biz?  Dive into conversations with other powerful women who've learned the secret sauce to success is through a microphone 


Be Her Now

Expect brutally honest conversations delivered with tangible &  implementable tips on creating the life you LOVE to wake up to every morning now, not in some far off point in your future.

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