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 The Podcast(H)er Network is for Ambitious Women who crave Community & Entrepreneurial Education designed to help them Make Money doing what they love...with a microphone in hand.

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We believe that your podcast is the top of the funnel in your business.  If it's not an active member of your marketing and sales's time to promote it there.  In fact, go ahead and make it the CMO, and think of The Podcast(H)er Network as the MBA you need.  All the classes (taught by the industry experts), all the swipe and use resources, all the templates and the space to ask the questions you're embarrassed to raise your hand about. 

You deserve to do what you love-and have it earn money for ya¬†¬†ūüėú

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Are You Craving And Not Sure How To Get There?

This resonates with me!

You took a digital course, you started your podcast.  And then thought "now what?"

Wouldn't it be cool if...

You had a one-stop-shop for learning how to take that little 'ole podcast you created and run a digital empire with it?

You finally learned how to market, launch, and sell out your offerings??

You got clear on the content for your podcast so that it continuously converted listeners to customers???

You've Found Your Place! 

Podcast(H)er Features Essential Tools Every Woman Needs to Create Massive Revenue With Her Podcast As The Center Of Her Business

Without all the bro-tactics


Exclusive Portal

Grab the template or resource you need to figure sh*t out, or watch a video tutorial for step-by-awesome step instructions

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Because sometimes you just need to find out the sh*t you didn't know you needed to know. Submit your Q's and Jo will give the A's straight into the Private Facebook Group.

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LIVE Classes & On-Demand Coaching From The Best In The Biz

You want to learn how to make your podcast the center of your business right?  All the social media sales tactics, the legal mumbo jumbo, the sales funnels, the...well you get the picture.  

I'm ready to have these women help me crush it!



Ok we get it.  Swag isn't actually essential.  But it DOES come with the annual membership!

(As well as a 1:1 Strategy Call with Jo. Pretty Sweet Deal, huh?)

ok Jo. I can't say no!

Your Online Home Designed For Women Podcasters Around The World

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Monthly Plan


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  • Access to the masterclass library, + plus new exclusive classes each month
  • Access to the monthly networking calls
  • Access to the monthly Q&A with Joanne
  • Access to¬†resources and templates
  • Step -by-step video tutorials
  • Invitation to the Facebook Group for connecting and collaborating
  • Access to shop the boutique-exclusive deals and discounts
  • BONUS!¬† Exclusive list of women owned podcasts for you to pitch yourself to
This is for me!

Annual Plan


Billed annually


 Everything from the monthly plan PLUS

  • A 30 minute strategy call with Joanne¬†ūüď≤
  • Voxer Coaching Access¬†ūüĎč
  • Welcome gift mailed right to your door!¬†ūüéĀ
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