It's Me! ✋ I'm The One That Needs This!

Come See How Good IT Can Be!

 Every business has a season.

Seasons of new beginnings.  Seasons of repetitiveness.  Seasons of focusing differently, adjusting, or pivoting.

If you're not adjusting or evolving your business, you're leaving money on the table. 

If you've gotten a little bit bored with your business, you're missing opportunities

If you've realized that your business could be a little bit more authentic, a little more you, a little more fulfilling and that maybe it's time to let yourself go full out and see how good it can really be...

Then it's time to be in the unapologetic season.  The season to go full speed how YOU want to build that biz.  

Maybe you're just stepping into this season.  Or maybe you're already knee deep in it and crave the support of other like-minded women to cheer you on along the way. 

I'm pulling back the curtain on how I took the steps to be unapologetic.  To build the biz of my dreams (the one I never even knew I wanted until it was staring me in the face)


What season are you in?  Better yet....You Coming?!! 


Picking Outfits Out RIGHT NOW

You've listened to podcast and found yourself thinking "Man, I love listening to Jo.  She's got such great insights and helpful strategies.  But I WISH she could sit down with me and personally plot this all out"

No, I'm not a mind reader.  I have tons of skillsets and that's not one of them! 🤣 But bless your heart for thinking it.  Truth be told...I've just been in your shoes.  Sitting where you are, listening to my mentors and wishing I could have just a FEW minutes of their time.  Better yet if I could find others who wanted the same thing and we could all sit down and make sh*t happen in our biz.  

Stop Telling Yourself Why NOT and Just Join Me!









imagine where your biz will be one year from now, and the momentum you'll create by spending 3 months focusing on the 3 areas I feel are critical to your success.

Real Life

The type of life you want to have, and the dreams and visions you're willing to achieve

Real Business

The systems and strategies that feel right to YOU that you can take ownership of

Real FUN

The right mix of strategies to keep you jumping up in the morning and yelling "YES!  Let's GO!" into the mirror

Dont' Leave Me Out Jo! I'm In!









Joining A Mastermind Changed My Life And I Want To Offer You The Opportunity To Change Yours

Still curious?  Let's keep going!  Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Am I ready to level-up in my business, or is there something I’m doing to secretly sabotage myself?
  • Am I open to change?
  • Can I get over my own insecurities to show up for others?
  • Can I do this otherwise? (Spoiler Alert-the answer is YES.  But not as fast and not nearly as effective.  Real Talk Here Ladies)
  • Do have the time to take off for 3 days and be PRESENT for the experience? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions then wahoo!  You're in the right mindset.  Now the biggest question to answer: Why a mastermind and not coaching?

To tell the truth, I've coached hundreds of women just like you.  I've hosted conferences for hundreds of women just like you.  

The connection, community, and intimate deep dives that a mastermind bring are a level I align with so deeply I want THAT to be how I show up for you.

And yes.  I show up for you.  Fully present, fully engaged, fully in tune with you and the room full of women we're with.  

I just got goose bumps thinking about it.  Did you too???

Now, because I know the insecurity bit*h is whispering in your ear...I give you full permission to give her a smack and tell her to be quiet.  You're ready for this, and the mastermind is ready for YOU.  Are you going to answer the call and show up?

Who's Already In?

Who's attending Joanne Bolt's Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind?
Who's attending Joanne Bolt's Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind?

In Person Retreat

3 days to Kick It Off RIGHT

There really is nothing quite like a face to face meeting.  Where you can cop a squat with your new business besties, have a glass of wine by the fire pit while discussing the days topics, and get REAL and Vulnerable about where you are and where you're heading. 

What will we focus on you ask?  Oh the possibilities are endless. But I guarantee some good conversations about customer experience, what your next steps are, where you've been and where you want to be (and how to get there!)  

Give yourself permission to expand and grow into the CEO you know you're meant to be.  

Retreat Days and Location

May 1-3  | Atlanta, Ga


Monthly Followups

Remember back when you were a kid and went to camp?  The feel of excitement, the new friends you found, the promises you made to yourself while you were there? And then the let down about a week later?

Let's not lose the momentum you started at the retreat. Every month we will jump on as a group and pump up our vibe as a tribe by doing a round robin sharing of wins, and then sharing of the troubolesome spots we're encountring.  Having the group share together keeps the connection strong. 

We'll end the call with a bonus topic to cover taught by me so that you continue to grow and build the biz you dream of.  

Calls will be recorded and placed into a private portal, along with worksheets and resources you can access throughout the term of the mastermind. 


Ok Ok Jo.  I'm In!  What's the Investment?

What's included in the Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind
What's included in the Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind
What's included in the Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind
What's included in the Unapologetic Entrepreneur Mastermind

One Installment


$1,000 Early Bird FLASH SALE Savings! (Pricing goes UP March 15th!)

  • 3 day in-person retreat in Atlanta, Ga (May 1-3, 2023)
  • 2 Monthly Q&A calls
  • Small group mastermind with women of similar stages in biz for additional support and community
  • Joanne's full attention on you and YOUR biz

PLUS these additional bonuses:

  • Protecting your energy and setting boundaries playbook
  • 3 months of access to a private portal full of curated material

Click Here to split your payment into 2 installments of $1595

Heck Yeah! I'm Ready To Go Full Out!