Let's Get Your Podcast Started, Shall We?

Before I started The B-Word Podcast, I paid for at least 3 digital courses on how to do the damn thing. 

They all taught me the same concepts, and none were worth what I paid!

So I'm giving you the real deal knowledge right here in 5 simple videos.  For Free.  Because that's how I roll 😜

OMG Jo! Sign Me Up!!

By the end of this FREE course you will have...


Nailed down your ideal listener so that you know exactly who you're speaking to


Gotten the scoop on the equipment you'll actually need, with your budget in mind


Leaned into your brand with naming your podcast, and created your coverart


Tackled the concept of recording & editing (it's not as hard as you think!)


Submitted your podcast to all the major directories like Apple, Goodpods, Spotify and more

What? Heck Yes!

But Above All Else...

Joanne Bolt is the host of The B-Word Podcast, a top 5% podcast with over a million downloads, 100+ live episodes. 

She's the founder of the Podcast(H)er Network-the only membership of it's kind for women in podcasting.  Designed to help you find the voice behind your passion, build relationships +  make a full-time income doing what you love

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