I believe in making your business work the way YOU want it to, through the power of Podcasting

Empowering women to stop limiting themselves and take action to create the business they dream of lights me up.  I get massive giggles, and then my Labrador, Georgia gets the zoomies.  I struggled when I became an entrepreneur because there's really no blueprint for making sh*t happen.  I spent hours figuring it out-watching all the YouTubes, listening to all the audible books, scouring the podcasts.


So I built the blueprint that I know works.  I created the space for what I know is the #1 driver for getting your message out into the world as a thought leader in your industry.  This isn't just about starting a business.  It's about building one that works for you, thrives and scales, and breaks down any obstacles that keep you from doing what you love. 

A bright future for women podcasters

starts here...

Welcome to the C-Suite (sans the long commute) where you can sip a steaming hot latte in your LuLu Lemon leggings, hang with me, and learn how to plug your mic in to build out your dream step-by-awesome-step.


Let's start your 🎙️ journey ⬇️



Join us in the Podcast(H)er Network, an exclusive membership with everything you need to create and grow your podcast and business, with the resources you need to to make more money.

Surrounded by a community of badass women who get YOU....because they are your people.

Perfect for: All levels of entrepreneurship and podcasting

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Real revenue is made off-line.  Join a Portfolio pod of 10-12 women podcasters to create visibility, sales and time freedom. 

Your podcast deserves to be introduced to thousands weekly, without taking up extra time in your calendar.  Pods have re-imagined masterminds, networking, and collaboration for the podcaster industry. 

Perfect for: Experienced Podcasters with 50+ episodes and limited time to guest on multiple podcasts a month to grow their audience 

This is me. I want the higher level group commitment




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