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Welcome to the B-Word podcast. The podcast for women who know they're meant for more and just need a little bit of help getting there. I'm Joanne Bolt and I am obsessed with helping women just like you move out of the messy middle and into a business that is sassy, classy, and a little bad assy. Together we'll unpack it all from money and mindset to the little simple strategies that you can implement today in your business.

Grab a glass of wine and your AirPods and curl up on the couch because happy hour with your besties has begun right now here on the B word. Hey everyone. Welcome back to the B word. Today I'm gonna give you a little secret that I discovered about a year and a half ago, and it is literally how I hack s e o for my blogs and my podcast.

Now, let's back up for just a second. If you don't know what s e o is, it stands for search engine optimization, and that is a bunch of technical mumbo jumbo for how in the heck the website you have or the podcast episode that you are creating and publishing out for the world to hear gets found by someone if they're searching for things so they don't know who you are and they go type in how to do something or you know,

they ask a question on the internet. It is how the internet connects you to them. They look for certain keywords, and keywords are really how you optimize your SEO O web page, and they are the specific things that people are searching for that tell the Googles and the search engines, Hey, your content is of interest, okay? That is a bunch of stuff that maybe you do or don't have a great handle on.

I'm gonna tell you that as a digital entrepreneur, you have to get a handle on it. Here's the good news. There's a lot of different ways you can do this, and you don't actually have to hire anyone to do it for you. If you wanna DIY it like I do, the very first one you can do, if you're using WordPress or another type of website builder for your backend of your podcast or your blogs,

you can insert a plugin called Yost, and Yost is an s e o program and it will help you. You can highlight certain words using Yost and it will tell you some great keywords to use in place of the word you are using or in addition to so that you can get ranked higher. Now, I have my website in Kajabi. Kajabi doesn't let me use the Yost plugin cuz I'm not on WordPress yet.

And so for me that wasn't an option, although I think in the future if I go on WordPress, I will probably get Yost plugged in because I'm pretty sure it's free or very inexpensive and I think it's easy to use from what I've seen. So your second option is a company like Sem Rush. Now my friends at Sem Rush have a fantastic online organization and you can join it and you can use it to put in keywords and do searches for relevancy or how high something is ranking in the keyword search.

And they will also kind of do what Yos does for your plugin, but on a much deeper, I think, level and much higher relevancy. The thing is sometimes that confuses me, I don't know about y'all, but I oftentimes when I'm looking at what the, you know, what the SEO should be, I don't even know where to start. You know,

I build an episode and I'm like, I know what I talked about and I know what I would search for. If I was going to look up that episode, what would you search for? Because everyone's brains are different. And so I get very bogged down by the whole sim rush and how to use them and I, I tried for a long time,

guys, I love you. I just can't figure you out. I'm not that technical, and so I had to go look at other ways to get seo. The third way that a lot of people figure out their SEO is simply to go to Google, open up and in the search bar start typing, you can start typing something like how to start a podcast.

And you'll notice as you're typing that underneath it, it will start filling in words after the how to. It'll keep giving you options. A lot of people think that those are prompts that they are prompts on. Google thinks it knows what you're searching for, and the truth is yes and no. They are prompts. What they are is great keyword searches that other people are using to search for exactly what you are searching for,

which means those words are your keyword. They are how you optimize your website. Now, here's where I found the hack of all hacks in order to figure this out, and it's my little friend Pinterest. Yep, laugh all you want. I promise you this is the best way I have discovered to do SEO O for the backend of my website, for all of the show notes,

for the B words episode pages, for everything we do. Even if I'm trying to come up with a great title for an episode and I wanna put a lot of keyword rich words in there so that it can get found, I open up Pinterest and why do I do that? Well, I do it for a couple reasons. One, it's a search engine just like Google,

just like YouTube. It is where people go to find out how to do something. And here's the number one thing that I love about Pinterest users. They come with curiosity. A Pinterest user is legitimately on Pinterest not to look at funny reels, not to get entertained by dogs jumping on TikTok. They are looking for answers, they're curious. A Pinterest user is going to start typing in things like how to start a podcast.

What's the best recipe for spaghetti carbonara? How do I decorate from my toddler's ideal Superman birthday party? I mean, they are coming looking for ways to do it themselves on D I Y. They're coming for inspiration. They are coming to be taught, they are coming with a searching attitude. And so when you open up your Pinterest app, you can see that same as Google and I've got the app up here for those of you watching on YouTube.

If you're not, if you're listening to this on Audible or on a podcast platform player of your choice like Apple, you can hop to YouTube if you wanna see it, but chances are most of you have been on Pinterest. You can figure this out. You start typing in, I'm gonna use the How to start a podcast example right here in your Pinterest browser.

It's gonna do the same thing as Google. It's going to bring up suggestions of what it thinks you're searching for. Again, those are the keywords, but here's why I like Pinterest even more than Google. I can click on how to start a podcast and it will bring up several pins of people that have pinned things to Pinterest with some form of words,

how to start a podcast in them. The way that I know what the good se word oh keywords are right above the pens, they're these little Easter egg ovals and they're multicolored, kind of like Easter eggs, and they all have words in them. So I just put in how to start a podcast and now I'm seeing four beginners. I'm also seeing for free make money on Spotify,

on YouTube checklist tools, ideas for beginners for free, and the list goes on and on. You know what that tells me? That tells me that when people are searching for how to start a podcast, they are then clicking on pens that include some of those Easter egg words, those Easter egg words, and I call them that because they're the ones that show up in the Easter egg ovals on top of Pinterest.

That's my seo. That is how I have hacked SEO over the last year and a half and really propelled some of my material higher than I think it would've been on just a Google search normally, because I'm using what people are really, really searching for in a world where they do a lot of searching, not just to be looking around on the internet like Google,

but really to find out and click on the pins in Pinterest. I love Piners again because they come with curiosity. They want to learn. And so I utilize Pinterest and its searchability actually more than I utilize Google and its searchability when I'm searching for keywords. Does it always work? No. I looked up what are good SEO four podcast in Pinterest the other day,

and absolutely no good keyword at Little Egg Easter Eggs came up. I mean, it gave me a couple of pins. That's about it. So that tells me that in Pinterest, either no one's searching for how to find SEO on a podcast or it's just not being pinned. And in that case, if I wanna do an episode like I'm doing today,

I did have to go to Google to try to find some great SEO words for it, but for the most part, I am finding that I can reach my Pinterest audience really great just by utilizing the tool that's already in Pinterest and that can grow your podcast if you love that little piece of information I'm bringing on my Pinterest team on Thursday, so make sure you subscribe right now to the B word so that you don't miss this next episode cuz it's Tuesday.

Right now on Thursday I've got my Pinterest team coming on. I leverage that piece of my business out. I use Pinterest to find SEO for the other pieces of the business, but my team actually creates a lot of my Pinterest pins for me and frees up my time and my ability to create more content for people like you. Day Tune for Thursday because we have got some special guests coming on.

They are my Pinterest team, 95 Media. They are amazing women and I can't wait for you to hear from them.

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