Creating a 6-Figure Business By Sliding Into The DMs on Instagram With Jillian Murphy

Creating a 6-Figure Business By Sliding Into The DMs on Instagram With Jillian Murphy

From zero to half a million dollars in her first 18 months as a sales coach, Jillian Murphy has perfected the art of sales via Instagram.  



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Her community calls her the queen of sales, and yet Jillian doesn't even have a webpage.  Her zone of genius is being the most interested in YOU as a person and sliding into your Instagram DMs to create and foster relationships that lead to sales.  Massive sales actually!

Be the most interested, not the most interesting

The first thing Jillian told me when we met at a conference was "I'm not the most interesting person in the room.  I'm simply the most interested".  She takes a genuine interest in the people around her, and uses that to her advantage in the world of sales.  Because she forms honest relationships, she never comes across as salesy and therefore her clients stay with her for months and years.

The entire sales system

Sales isn't the conversion of landing a client or creating revenue.  It's the entire process from your messaging, to the content you produce, the offer you have and the leads they generate.  Jillian's theory is that when you shore up all of that and stop the leaks in your business-the sales part comes easy.  

Community stops the crickets

One of the staples of Jillian's success is that she creates offers at all price points, and fosters them all in the community of sales entrepreneurs she helps.  This means that everyone, from the self-starter with low budget to the high level CEO with a generous budget can enter into her world and learn.  When the community can respond to the offers you produce, sales occur.  If you're producing offers that are met with crickets (aka no sales!) consider going back and taking a look at the community you've built.  Are they engaged?  Does your content resonate?  As Jillian's mentor tells her "You have to be outstanding in order to stand out"

Connect with Jillian!

Instagram (obvi)

Not ready to reach out?  Listen to her podcast for gold nuggets of coaching goodness.  

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