Building a Business One Cupcake and Determination at a Time with Mignon Francois

Building a Business One Cupcake and Determination at a Time

From drowning in debt, to making multi-millions. This is truly a story worth listening to! It is proof that really anything is possible in life if you believe in yourself and give yourself the chance to even try!


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From Humble Beginnings to Sweet Success

Mignon Francois' story starts with selling cupcakes from her home window just to get the electric bill paid. But when a neighbor offered her a chance of a lifetime, armed with just $5 and unyielding faith, Mignon embarked on a journey that would redefine her destiny. The best part of this story, is she didn't even know how to bake. 


Belief in Transformation

She vowed to share her success story to inspire others to believe in their dreams. Mignon's narrative is a reminder that quitting isn't about saying "no," but embracing new opportunities. What I really love about her and her story as how she openly and honestly talks about her own struggles with quitting other ventures in the past, prior to her baking success and how she's living proof that it's really never too late to get back up again and try something new. Or as she says, if you've got breath in your lungs, you can do it. 


A Recipe For Success

Passion: The only way to ever find out what you're truly passionate about is to get out there and try it.

Belief: Believe in yourself and believe that it is possible to achieve anything you want in life.

Action: Don't be afraid to take that first step of getting started.

This episode is to inspire you and to encourage you to just do the thing. Take this recipe for success and turn it into your own unique success story.


Connect with Mignon: @mignon.francois

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