Messy Hair Don't Care with Amanda McKinney

Messy Hair Don't Care with Amanda McKinney

How many of us stumble on the path of accidental entrepreneurship and think we need to have it all figured out before we start making those big moves in our biz. On this episode, Amanda McKinney is here to tell us otherwise!


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Discovering Entrepreneurship: Along The Way

This episode is a powerful reminder that sometimes, the most fulfilling and rewarding ventures in life come from unplanned routes. It's in these unexpected moments that we uncover hidden talents and passions we never knew existed. Hey, I'm the perfect example, taking the leap from Real Estate to Podcasting!

All the twists and turns can only lead us to opportunities and undiscovered potential within ourselves. We learn that our journey, though not always predictable, can shape us into the entrepreneurs and individuals we are destined to become.


Podcasts: A Relationship Building Tool

Podcasting turned out to be more than just a hobby – both Amanda and I have turned it into a tool that can not only create meaningful relationships with our network and provide so much value to our potential clients, but it actually helps with closing those deals as well! Amanda shares her experience with using her Podcast, The Unapologetic Entrepreneur, as her relationship building tool and gives great tips on how you can do this too!


Embracing The Unknown 

Amanda inspires us to embrace our own uniqueness and follow our instincts, even when the road ahead seems uncertain at times. As an entrepreneur, we never really know what our next step is, we just have to take our chances and follow our instincts that will lead us farther down our individual paths. Many of us can find comfort and validation in knowing that it's okay to navigate business without an actual plan in place first. 

Connect with Amanda: or on IG @theamandamckinney

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