Mastering The Foundation of Referrals With Stacey Brown Randall

Mastering Referrals With Stacey Brown Randall on The B-Word Podcast with Joanne Bolt

You want to create a sustainable business that can weather any market shift storm?  Then get your referral strategies right and tight.  My good friend Stacey Brown Randall makes her mission in life to take stressed out entrepreneurs and turn them into referral machines. 




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 Stacey Brown Randall is the award winning author of the book Generating Business Referrals without Asking, host of the podcast Roadmap To Referrals, and group coaching expert for business owners looking to create a sustainable flow of referrals. 

Stacey and I are diving into the 18 strategies she uses to teach how to build a referrable business. Stacey breaks them up into 3 categories: Foundational, Situational, And Next Level.  She teaches that it all starts with looking at where the gaps are in your business, and identifying 1 of the 3 Foundational Strategies you need to start with.   


Foundational Strategies

Stacey encourages all entrepreneurs to take a deep dive into their existing and potential referral sources first.  Those are the low hanging fruit and the building blocks you need to crush before moving on and layering more pieces into your strategies.  She has proven scripts for these strategies to help her clients close the deals and curate higher rates of referrals.
The 3rd foundational strategy is building a Referable Client Experience. 

Situational Strategies

Once you're cruising through the foundational strategies like a boss, Stacey teaches you to layer on Situational Strategies to enhance the overall process.  She calls this 'strategy stacking'  (a process where you focus on adding in ONE layer before the next in order to avoid overwhelm).

Next Level Strategies

The final step in your mastering the referral process is to layer on next level strategies.  These are things like referral relationship transfer (a FABULOUS technique for team owners to learn!). 

Tune into our conversation πŸŽ™οΈto hear:

  • How referrals with a solid strategy can keep and sustain your business
  • How diving into the data of your referrals helps you look at them in a whole new wa   

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