How To Succeed As An Introvert In Real Estate

How To Succeed As An Introvert In Real Estate

"Certain people are just wired differently, and realizing that was a pivot and eye-opening moment in my life"


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 I met my guest Ashley Harwood years ago when I was an agent leading a team of Realtors at Keller Williams.  Ashley and I have enjoyed many cocktails at conferences, breakfast meetings, and most importantly intense conversations about her fierce desire to help introverts succeed in businesses where the extroverts typically appear to have the upper hand.  

Ashley is the creator of The Quiet Success Workshop and leads introverts in how to create the business of their dreams, while conserving their energy and being ok with being quiet.  She started out as a Realtor herself, and quickly realized how trying it can be to have a career in a sales role when all you want to do is curl up in your jammies with your cat by the fire.  

We've all been there at some point!

Ashley took ownership of her lack of success as a real estate agent when she realized that she was an introvert working in a highly social career field.  When she put her big girl panties on and realized that, she knew it was time to take ACTION and help over introverts in the industry stop acting like extroverts and avoid the BURNOUT that creates.

Join our conversation πŸŽ™οΈto hear:

  • The burnout that comes from being an introvert in an extroverted field of work
  • What Ashley's coaching program looks like
  • Her experience speaking at Inman
  • The evolution and next steps in her personal journey as the guru of the introvert 

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