Steal My Content Planning Strategy

Steal My Strategy For Planning Out The Next 3 Months Of Your Business

"Begin at the beginning and end at the end".  I have no clue who actually said that and it's way easier said than done.  Personally as the CEO of an organization, I've learned the hard way that the hardest part is determining where the beginning even is. 



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Getting your team (or all the hats you wear as a solopreneur) on the same page and in alignment can be hard if you don't have an outline or a plan of action to accomplish.  Here at team JB, we plan out 3 months at a time using the FOR method.  

The FOR method

FOR stands for Free, Ongoing, Revenue and it's the outline of each quarter of content we create.  We chunk down our quarter into 3 months, each of which focuses on the F, O, or R.  

Start with R

Revenue is the driving force of any business, so start there.  Determine what the revenue opportunity will be for the month and work backward.  What are 2 ways you can build your business to ensure a successful R month?  Those are the O and F. 

Ongoing and Free

These 2 months often go hand in hand.  They are the catalyst to which your growth occurs.  For instance, if you know that you typically sell 50 products every time you send out an email promotion to 1000 readers, and your Revenue month has a goal of 100 products sold-then you most likely need to add 2,000 new contacts to your email list.  So for your ongoing and Free months, how can you grow your email list?  That's the question you must answer. 

Behind The Scenes

I'm giving you a behind the scenes look at how team JB sat down in May and began to plan our 3rd content quarter (June-August) with the FOR method.  

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