Build a Baller Biz As A Mom with Amy Traugh

Building A Baller Business with Amy Traugh

Hey Mommies!  It's time to get off the fence and start building your empire.  Yes, you CAN do that with the kids at home!



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It's not easy managing your household and your business.  Amy Traugh, host of The Motivated Mompreneur Podcast, has your back though.  

Valuable Assets

There are 2 very valuable assets you can't ignore as an entrepreneur.  Your time, and your energy.   Setting boundaries around your time allows you to be present as a mom AND create the empire you've always dreamed of creating. As moms we often wear ourselves out by trying to do everything ourselves and at the end of the day....there's nothing left to give. 

As for help ladies.  It's not only OK-it's applauded!

Steps to create your CEO life

Amy and I discussed several action items that all Mompreneurs need to incorporate into their lives. 

1.  Identifying the season you're in

2.  Building your business on foundations, not quicksand

3.  Knowing and tracking your numbers in order to understand what to spend your time on

4. Ways to save time and money

5.  Staying within your zone of genius and how to leverage the rest of the work


Check out the episode on YouTube!  Amy is a doll and you'll love seeing her in person


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