Cringeworthy Mistakes I Bet You're Making In Your Emails 🙈

Cringeworthy Email Mistakes

The stories we tell, and how we tell them are the catalyst to creating great relationships.  Stories aren't just told around the campfire, or in your Instagram app.  They show up in marketing in the emails you send to your customers, or past clients. 


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I'm a huge fan of email marketing (duh!) and I'll be the first to tell you that wasn't always the case.  I'm also the QUEEN of unsubscribing to the 100's of unwanted emails that show up in my inbox every single day. Or simply ignoring them altogether.  Seriously ask to see my phone screen the next time we meet.  There are currently over 10,000 unread emails sitting there staring me in the face. 

Here's the deal.  Most email marketing is done poorly.  That's because the who behind the writing of them is going through the motions because there's this "theory" that you must have emails to succeed.

That actually is a fact, but how you get to be successful with email is the secret sauce.  Spoiler alert: there are 7 cringeworthy mistakes that I see most often occur.  If you're making one of them, it's time to fess up!  ðŸ˜œ  Yes buttercup.  If you think you may be guilty of one (or all) then you ARE. 

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In this episode I give an overview of the 7 Cringeworthy mistakes:

  1. Crusty, canned subject lines
  2. Text Overload
  3. Not having a clue what the customer journey actually is
  4. Forgetting about the human who's reading your emails
  5. Not including a solid Call To Action (CTA)
  6. Letting your list get dirty
  7. Lack of Consistency

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