The Un-Sexy system Every Entrepreneur Has To Pay Attention To

The Un-Sexy System You Have To Master

It's not sexy.  I'll admit it.  But list building is the #1 system you have to prioritize in your business if you want to scale it to any level of success.
Every coach I've ever hired -regardless of what I was bringing them into my world for-always starts with "How big and healthy if your list?"



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I'm telling it to you straight.  Email and Text messaging list are the goddesses of the entrepreneur world.  They control your revenue.  Don't believe me?  Find a six-figure business owner without one.  

Go on.   I'm waiting.  

It's not Sexy

I know it's not sexy work to grow an email list.  Nor is it sexy and fun to write the emails.  It IS the way you ensure that no matter what happens in the market, you can control your business.  

You're renting space on social media and you know it.  When (not IF!) Instagram goes down again, or your Facebook account is hacked for the millionth time your email list will be how you alert your audience to the issue.  It's how you build relationships off-line to enhance the know, like, and trust factor that is so necessary in sales. It's literally the most boring part of your job and yet the most useful.  

Stop Getting Stuck In The Mud

It's easy to say "I'll grow my list next week", or "I have no clue where to start".  My advice is this: find a platform and dive in.  Let go of the anxiety that you need to have perfect landing pages, subject lines, or 100 people on that list.  Just pick a platform and start somewhere.  Give yourself permission to send an imperfect email.

Every entrepreneur had to start somewhere, and take the small steps necessary to grow their business.  It's time you started too.  



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