Scrappy Marketing Hacks When You Have No Resources With Sarah Noel Block

Scrappy Marketing Hacks When You Have Zero Resources with Sarah Noel Block

Life hacks, business hacks, marketing hacks, social media hacks.  We all love a good hack to make things easier, simpler, and more affordable.  That's what my guest today, Sarah Noelle Block, is an expert in and she's giving us some juicy tips that even I've never thought of before.


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Sarah Noel Block is an inbound marketing expert who focuses on an education-based approach to marketing for SMBs and solopreneurs. Her approach to marketing systems makes it easy for tiny teams to have a big impact. She works with businesses in two ways: 1) marketing education and products for small businesses and 2) strategy and executing content marketing + inbound funnels for SMBs.

Repurpose Your Podcast Into Marketing Content

"Content is Marketing" is Sarah's motto. The beauty of turning your podcast into your marketing material is that listeners of your show feel like they know you and are friends with you.  It's 10 times easier for someone to say YES to purchasing from you when they know, like, and trust you and have built the relationship with you.  Even if you've never actually met because the relationship was built all on the airwaves of a podcast.  

Consider this when repurposing: You start with the core of your episode.  The interview, or the solo teaching concept.   You can take the video or audio clips from it and chop them into 20 or more small pieces to strategically put on social media as You Tube Shorts, Reels, Tik Toks or Tweets.  

Grow Your Email List with Hack #1

Sarah's secret sauce is taking her podcast and splitting it into a series on YouTube that funnels the listener into a webinar with the guest expert she has.  Her listeners then move from silent friends, to ones that raise their hands and register for the webinar.  Thus her email list grows and she's able to nurture that and continue to build the relationship.  As Sarah says, she doesn't own her podcast listeners, but she does own her email list.  (AMEN SISTER!  PREACH IT!)

Figure Out Where Your Audience Is Engaging For Hack #2

If you have no clue where your ideal audience spends their time online, take a look at your competitors media kids.  Their media kit will list out where they are selling ads, speaking, spending their time on.  Hellooooooo audience!  Let the big competitor with the big marketing budget determine where the audience is, and then piggy back on that.  If they focus only on Twitter....then so should you friend.  

Once you know where to focus on, find the SEO Keywords that you can use to pop yourself to the top of the list in your audiences search.  I dove into a great Pinterest hack for this in Episode 106 a few weeks ago.  Bookmark it to come back to.  

Juicy Hack #3 is One You've Most Likely NEVER Considered

Still wondering how you can stand out and help your ideal audience?  Once again go to your competitors for help.  Check out their book reviews and find the low ratings.  Consumers will always complain about what's missing.  What they needed they didn't get from the book, or the show, or the course.  Can you create that for them?  Is that part of the space you can be in to fill the gap?  If so....go create it!

Still searching for inspo?  Check out Sarah's On-Demand Webinar for 5 Ways To Improve Your Marketing ROI

Hacks and secrets like the episode today are what goes down IN DEPTH in the monthly masterclasses each month for members of the Podcast(H)er Community.  Ready to grab your membership?  It's time and the doors are open!

Kind of a watch it live girl?  I dig it.  Check out the full video HERE on YouTube!

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