The Recipe For Generating 7 Figures By Guesting On Podcasts

The Recipe For Generating 7 Figures By Guesting On Podcasts

If you're taking the time to pitch yourself to be a guest on podcasts as part of your business strategy, don't waste that opportunity by missing out on the strategy behind being a guest.  


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There's a formula for appearing as a guest expert on someone's podcast, and it is NOT "show up and say whatever comes to mind".

Yes, conversation is critical and a good vibe with the host will come across over the airwaves.  If that's where you leave your episode then you're leaving money on the table. 

Make a plan

Entering the virtual podcast studio of your host with a solid outline of how you'd like the episode to go will help both you AND the host keep the conversation flowing.  I use a formula I lovingly have termed the PROFIT formula every time I record with a host in order to capitalize the most I can on the audience of that podcast, and to convert their listeners into potential clients for my business. 

Grab an outline of the formula HERE and listen into the episode to hear it explained.   


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