Unleashing Your Potential On A Podcast Tour™ with Scout Sobel

Unleashing Your Potential On A Podcast Tour™ with Scout Sobel

Scout Sobel is a leader in the podcasting world, most notably for her signature Podcast Tour™ strategy.  There's a million podcast guesting agencies that have popped up in the industry over the past few years, but Scout's Agency was a forerunner in the space and they've perfected the process in a way that has the most skeptical of hosts (talking about myself here!) reading their pitches and booking their clients. 


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Let's Be Real

Scout's success didn't happen overnight.  It took 8 years and five other business ideas to land on the one that she's passionate about and could grow into an income producing career that now employs 7 others.  Scout is open and vulnerable about having to believe in herself, her family's reaction to starting "yet another endeavor", and why this one took hold. 

If It Looks Easy, You Can't Do It Yourself

Truer words have never been spoken. Have you ever tried to do something yourself that you thought would be a breeze, only to regret it 6 days later?  Personally every time I go to paint a room I convince myself that this time I can do it.  I can slap paint on a wall and it'll look amazing.  Only to end up calling the painter the next day to come fix my mess.  Guesting on a podcast can be like that too.  The benefits of being on the RIGHT microphone far outweigh being on just any microphone and hiring a company like Scout's to help saves you so much time and energy that you can use in other areas of your business.  Look at it like part of your marketing budget!

Learning Her Value

Determining how to price your offers is one of the struggles 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs faces.  Scout openly admits she struggled with that in the beginning, until she began to truly believe in herself and her value to her client.  The biggest surprise she found is that booking a higher ticket client is often easier than booking a client at a lower price.  

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