The 5 Areas You'll See Major Improvement In By Tuning In To The B-Word Podcast

The 5 Areas You'll See Major Improvement In By Tuning In To The B-Word Podcast

"I think we are so overwhelmed and frazzled by how to do all the things and see success, and so I want this show to be a place where simplicity happens.  Where you can sit down, grab a glass of wine or a huge mug of coffee and curl up like we’re having a chat on the couch in your sunroom to strategize about your business. "



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We're about to hit our 100th episode (so exciting!), have over a million downloads πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ (that's the 2 comma club friends!) and it's only the beginning of year 2.  So if you've been around for a hot second, or just tuning in THANK YOU.  From the bottom of my heart.  

I laughingly call this little 'ole podcast the girlfriend's guide to business and so I wanted to peel back the curtain for ya and show you just where we're going in 2023, and how tuning in will continue to make an impact in your life and biz. 

In reality, I've narrowed down the ways your business will find massive growth and improvement to 5 major areas. 

Marketing and Branding

I am obsessed with branding and how it impacts and affects people’s decisions.  Branding is the practice of shaping a business’s brand identity.  Most people think of it in terms of color schemes, fonts and pretty logos.  The reality is it goes much deeper than that. It's the way you speak with and interact with your client or customer.  Marketing and branding may seem like the very same thing, but actually marketing is the vessel to how you push your brand out.  Branding comes before marketing, but consider marketing the voice of your brand.  And I adore it.  Your marketing is everything from your social media content, to your emails.  And everything in between. 


Ok now I may be the visionary for my brand, but let  me peel back the curtain and fill you in on a detail that drives my team crazy.  I love to strategy stack.  I simply drool over being able to take one piece of marketing, stack it on top of another strategy and watch how they interact with each other.  ESPECIALLY with how strategy stacking makes your entire business easier and gives you back time in your life. 


If you've been around for a hot second then you've definitely heard me say "It's so simple it's hard". And that's where simplifying your life with systems and processes takes over.  The geek in me geeks out over spreadsheets and cool tech tools and one of the joys of my life is to walk you through what works and what doesn't; show you how to use what I'm finding in YOUR biz, and more.  Systems help me take all the fun branding and marketing and tie it up with a bow. 


ok so this one surprised the heck out of me.  When I look back over the last year of episodes, the ones that got the MOST engagement and DMs were the ones where I sprinkled in a little bit of how to pull it all together and balance work and life.  You know, be a mom-a wife-an aunt-a doggie mom-a friend and STILL wear the CEO hat.  I'm about to open the door even wider and give you permission to create the life you're dreaming of and help you figure out how to make it happen along the way. 

Real Estate

Of course there will be convos on Real Estate along the way!  Considering the alarmingly high rate of people in the United States that hold a license, I can safely assume that a majority of my audience wither ARE or WILL BE agents.  πŸ€£  So I won't leave you hanging friends!  Tune into Exclusive Episodes to hear tips, hacks, and advice just for your industry.  

Join the conversation πŸŽ™οΈto hear:

  • How Branding and Marketing Differ
  • What lifestyle topics mean for the pod
  • A sneak peak at how YOU can grow your sphere of influence easy-peasy with a free 4-Day challenge 

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