How To Sprinkle Magic Into Your Client Experience

Create amazing client experiences

We live in an experience economy.   The experience people have with you and your brand can make or break you in industries that are over crowded with options.  Good  news though!  You can easily set yourself apart from the rest by infusing a little magic into your process. 



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I love the subject of client experiences.  It makes me giddy to consider all the ways I can infuse that little extra spark of awesomeness into how a client interacts with my brand.  Have you taken the time to notice the little things that your favorite brands do?  It's the little things that can set them apart from their competitors, and you should always be looking for ways that your brand can do the same. 

Magic Moments

Although your client experience starts with the moment the potential clients becomes aware of you, rather it's from your social media marketing or because they've hit a pain point where they start searching for a solution that you offer, the heart of the experience is when they enter into a business relationship with you. 

In today's episode I dive into the concept of creating what I call the magic moments from a Realtor perspective. Be clear though....these concepts apply to ANY business.  What are magic moments?  I can literally hear you asking and here's the answer: They are the moments you bring into the transaction that show your client that you are different from their perception of your industry. 

The Process

There are typically 4-6 times during a transaction where you can stop and infuse a little magic in.  2 at the beginning, 2 in the middle, and 2 at the end.  The trick is taking a good look at your systems and finding places you can sprinkle it in, and determining how you can make them automated so that they occur each and every time a client works with you. 

Keep it Easy

My love language is gift giving.  So in my business I use small gifts as ways to bring the magic in, but you can do anything really.  Hand written notes, creative emails or voice messages, specific shout-outs on social media to name a few.  If you do chose to go with the small items route I highly recommend using a tool like amazon to order from.  That way your team can easily grab the items you need, and items can arrive fairly quickly.  You can even ship straight to your client in a pinch.  

Tune πŸŽ™οΈin to hear:

  • Examples of how my former Real Estate Team infused magic into our process
  • Where you can get some great items to use
  • How to work through your own magic moment process

Grab the worksheet to create your own Magic Moments Process!


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