Asking Yourself "WHO do you want to be and what is your BIG VISION for your life??" Here's What To Do

If You Know You're Meant For More, Here's What To Do About It

What do you do when you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table wondering "what's next?"  When you know deep in your gut that whatever you're currently doing just isn't IT?



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My guest Jenna Klopfenstein, host of the podcast Girl, Let's Be Real found herself asking just that at age 33.  Was she unhappy with her life at the time?  No she actually wasn't.  A former division 1 athlete, orthopedic physician assistant of 10 years, and college soccer coach she was actually living the dream.   Or what she thought was the dream. 

But her heart tugged her for other things.  So she decided to throw caution to the wind and follow her gut to see where the journey led her.

The Journey

Jenna's journey began as she sat at the kitchen table talking with her husband.  She realized she wanted to be more present for her kids.  As an orthopedic physician she was missing school events while she was in surgery, or the ability to just pick up cupcakes and take her kids to the park.  She wanted a change and so she asked herself "How can I take one small action to move forward?"

Thank goodness her husband was along for the ride and fully supported her decision to be bold and make a pivot!  Jenna started her podcast as a way to just see where life took her.  She really didn't know the final answer-and boy is that scary.

Often as women we want to know what the next steps are before we take them.  We want to know what the path is before we step out onto it.  But Jenna trusted her gut and moved forward, finding that she could make an impact on girls both on and off the soccer field.  She could be a growth coach for them. 

Tune 🎙ïļ into our convo to hear:

  • How and why she started a podcast
  • What led to becoming a growth coach
  • Why she feels in-person events are critical to your success as a woman
  • The 2 things that surprised her the most during the planning of her annual event
  • What's next in the Jenna Journey

Join ME and Jenna for the Next Level You Live Event!  

More of a watch it on YouTube kinda girl?  I dig it.  Check it out here!

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