Pop The Prosecco and Cue The Confetti! We've Hit The 100 Episode Milestone!

We've hit 100 episodes!

Holy forking shirtbals!  We've hit 100 episodes here on The B-Word Podcast!  It's time to 'cue the confetti, pop the prosecco and settle in because TODAY I'm celebrating by bringing back 3 of the top mommas we've had on the show.



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It’s absolutely surreal to be releasing episode 100! What a year, what a journey in producing this content and sharing it with YOU, the listeners. I honestly started this little 'ole thing as a side hustle to my world, something to fill my time with (and boy did it). I had no real strategic intent and no real understanding of the impact it would make.  

As we approach 30,000 downloads on this show, I thought it would be fun to share the 3 big lessons I’ve learned in talking with some powerful mommas on the show.  Each in different industries, each raising their babies and businesses, and each having a different outlook on life in general.

But do you know what was the same? Their drive to do more and be really authentic in their world.  To grow their business unapologetically in the way they felt was best. 

Are ya ready? Let’s dive on in:

Amy Gregory

A spitfire with eXp Realty, Amy's mission is to change the mindset of women in the Realtor world to less hustle and more efficient use of time.  She grew her business with a baby on her hip and understands the reality of what it takes to be both mom and CEO.  She also clearly sees the difference between being a woman in the working world and a man and embraces that difference. 

Allie Casazza

Oh my goodness what a fun friend to have around.  From standing in Target debating rather to buy toothpaste of tampons, because she couldn't afford both, to standing in Target as her book Declutter like a Mother was placed on the shelf, Allie leaned into the gut feeling of what feels RIGHT in making choices for her biz and it paid off big time. 

Brittany Hodak

Creating Superfans is no different in any industry is her motto.  From Rockstars to ice cream parlor owners it's really about the experience you provide your customer.  Brittany studied her theory on this for years and is now taking it out to the world in an effort to help others create a business their customers can't HELP but rave about

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