Her Superpower is doing Epic ðŸ’Đ Everyday

How Tanya uses her experience in the septic industry to empower women entrepreneurs

Tanya Wilson is one of a kind boss babe, whose business motto for her company is "We do epic shit everyday"




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That caught your attention didn't it?  I bet you never would have guessed that the blonde bombshell with awesome hair and makeup is the owner and CEO of Priority Pumping (a septic and wastewater service company). 

Her company LITERALLY shovels shit everyday.  And she's learned from running the septic company that it takes a big personality to be a woman in a heavily male dominated industry and she uses that as her superpower.  She knows who she is and doesn't back down.

Until she went to a mastermind in Arizona with Powerhouse Women.  There, she found herself sitting next to me (poor soul!) in a room where we both felt nervous and scared.  Have I ever been so nervous I'm quiet?  I can't remember any other time that's happened in recent memory. 

Our common AHA moment came when we realized that it wasn't uncommon to minimize yourself when you're a big personality.  It's normal to feel as though you can't always speak up because you feel you're 'too much for the room'.  And in finding that it wasn't un-normal, we both found our place. 

Because we got in the room with 25 other women who all felt the same way.  When Tanya left that mastermind, her mission was to create other rooms and other opportunities for women to unleash their personalities, stop playing small, and find others to work with.

Giving Space To Women In The Service Industry

Tanya's podcast, Ladies Kickin Ass is where she's found her voice and dives in with stories, interviews, and examples so that women from any industry, anywhere can see how good it can be when you aren't surrounded by others who compete with you-and instead collaborate with you. 

We are kindred spirits, can't you tell?!!  I can promise you this...since you're loving my podcast you'll also love hers.  So pop it into rotation in your podcast player of choice.  

 The Transfer of Friendship

Tanya talks about how it's interesting to see friendships change and evolve as you grow, both in your business and as a person.  Some of the friends you had at one point in your life can't come with you to the next phase and it's ok to let them gently go.  Women crave connections yet we are often hesitant to find the right ones.  Yet when you walk into a room with no expectations and keep your mind open the right people will stumble into your path.  

Running her podcast

There's power in your voice when you unleash it on a podcast.  Tanya and I discussed how she uses her podcast to reach women in the service industry and empower them.  She went from feeling like a failure because some of her companies didn't make it, to understanding that the lens she views business from is one others need to hear.  She took failure and made it a success.  

The biggest take away is that you will appeal to someone, so get out there and execute on your big idea.  Her big idea is a coffee table book full of women who've paved the way for others.  She's working on writing it and has plans to publicize by the end of 2023.  I personally can't wait to grab a copy!

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