Less Contenting, More Commenting To Grow Your Instagram

Grow your Instagram following with less content, and more comments

More commenting on social media platforms like Instagram means less stress over creating content for you.  It strengthens the relationships you have with followers, and increases conversions into clients.  



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 For those of us who find creating constant content for Instagram exhausting, it's time to take a deep breath and do a fist pump into the air.  

Why you ask?  Because there is a way to increase your Instagram following and it's not creating content.  It's commenting.  As in....start a conversation with your audience.  That IS why it's called social media after all.  So that you can be social with each other.  

Stacking this strategy into your daily social media routine can have profound effects, because it's an easy way for you to add value to your clients simply by showing up where they are (helloooooo they are always picking up their phone to scroll the socials!) and your profile name and picture appear in their notifications which gives another visual touch point that is oh so critical in brand building.  

Tune in πŸŽ™οΈto hear:

  • how this strategy trains the Instagram algorithm to place your content at the top of your audiene's feed and stories
  • The 6 benefits of this strategy and how they reduce your stress
  • How I implement this 2x a day everyday in less than 15 minutes using the 10-10-5 method.   

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