Even Little Businesses Need Big Legal Advice Featuring Legalpreneur Founder Andrea Sager

You're leaving money on the table and you don't even know it

Meet the Lawyer behind the Legalpreneur who is disrupting legal for businesses by PREVENTING issues before they even come up.  She's walked in your shoes and the new entrepreneur, and knows that someone has to serve the small business owner.  And it's Andrea.


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The AHA Moment

Like so many entrepreneurs, Andrea has worn many hats.  From retails seller on Poshmark, to an attorney in a huge corporate law firm, to today where she runs her own firm. Sitting in the big corporate office, watching the older men walk by who have been at the firm for 40 years she found herself thinking "Oh my god.  I can't sit here for the next 40 years!"

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When You Know You're Meant For More..The Universe Responds

Andrea knew in her gut that serving the 'little guys' was her passion.  The entrepreneur who can't afford (yet) to have an attorney on a huge retainer, and also doesn't realize the risk they are taking by not knowing what they don't know in the legal world. Like so many gamechangers she tripped up in her own mind at first thinking that she didn't have what it took to teach others.  It wasn't until she leaned into the fact that her passion about serving would lead the way to differentiate her from other small business owners as an authority on the subject. 

And her world changed.  Still resonating?  Yeah I thought so. 

You're Leaving Money On The Table

Andrea literally lit up when she began discussing how so many coaches, authors, and digital course creators leave money on the table by now realizing they can license out their intellectual property.  That's just ONE of the ways her firm is different.  They take a look at how they can not only prevent your issues, but how can you build your brand and generate more revenue from it. 

I knew I needed her in my corner.  Sometimes that's the beauty of being the host of a podcast.  Getting to know Andrea through our conversation made this an easy decision for me.  Legalpreneur here I come!  Will I see you there too?  

Join the Podcast(H)er Network and get access to the private 1-on-1 masterclass she's holding for the community June 21st.  Bring your sharpie marker, post-it notes with questions and get ready get legally ready in your biz.  


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