Four Marketing Mistakes That Are Making You Broke AF

Four Marketing Mistakes That Are Making You Broke

People are always asking me for advice on making 6+ figures.  When I was a Realtor they couldn't wrap their heads around how easy it was for me to keep a steady stream of clients, and as an entrepreneur they want to know how my podcast supports my current business.  

When we break it down it's so simple it's hard.  There's four marketing mistakes you're probably making that are causing you to not have the success, or income, that you're dreaming of.  



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Dare To Be Different

Didn't your mom ever tell you "Just because someone jumps off a cliff doesn't mean you should too?".  The same goes for marketing.  If you're looking at everyone else in your industry and seeing how they post, what they say, their logos, colors can get caught in the trap of thinking that's how you need to market.  Unless your industry has rules dictating your marketing then trust me....break the mold.  If you need to give yourself a permission slip to do things your way then consider this your slip.  Better yet, stop following your industry on social media in order to create the space in your creative brain to find out how YOU want to be seen and heard.  

Shiny Objects Syndrome

I'm all for trying new tactics in my marketing to see what works and what doesn't work. The trouble comes when we don't stop and evaluate what is actually working vs. what we perceive to be working.  Bouncing from one thing to the next without taking a good look at where the clients are coming from, how they are finding you, and what they respond to is where you keep leaking money.  If you've been consistent in any of your efforts, don't give up on them just because you're not sure they aren't working.  Dig deep and make damn certain something isn't working before you toss it off the marketing cliff.  

Curate A Business That Resonates With The Modern Preferences

Let's face it.  Times change.  Some of the biggest companies in the world have folded over a simple marketing fail: they didn't adjust to the modern client.  If you don't know who that client is and what they actually want you're doomed to fall into this pattern.  David's Bridal CEO James Marcum once claimed that one out of every four brides in the U.S. wore a dress from the David's Bridal brand.  Yet they were forced to file bankruptcy because they failed to acknowledge that the modern bride wanted a more affordable dress and was choosing to not over-spend on their wedding.  The dress giant kept their marketing efforts geared toward the elaborate, kept their pricing structure intact, and didn't budge.  Until the money ran out that is because the consumer didn't resonate with the brand any longer.  

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None

That's been one of my favorite sayings for years.  Let me break it down for you in the context of marketing mistakes.   Your brand needs to define 2-3 pillars and go all -out in them.  That's what makes you stand out from the mass market.  Let's take BossBabe INC for example.  Their brand's website greats you with the phrase "We exist to help ambitious women make more money + build lives they love".  This could incorporate every facet of being an entrepreneur.  And while their podcast does touch on almost every aspect if you really look at the company, they double down on the pillar of social media.  They have an influencer academy, workshops, webinars......the works.  All sandwiched in between workshops on finances, marketing, and brand building.  The pillar of influence and social media is a strong one for them...and it works.  It draws women in and showcases the brand as one every female entrepreneur needs.  Brilliant!   What pillars are you doubling down on?  Or are you tossing every spaghettini strand you can find on the wall and hoping something sticks?


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