Landing Page or Linktree? Make Your Link In Bio Count

Landing Page or Linktree? Make Your Link In Bio Count

It's so annoying that you can't just pop links into your posts on Instagram.   (come on guys!  Make that happen!).  Until they do, you really only have 1 option...a link in bio. 


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Ignore The Obvious

Linktree has a free version. Cute.  I hear you loud and clear friend.  So do many other link in bio tools. I fully believe those are fabulous ways to create the almighty ONE link on Instagram if you're not running a business. 

But you're here with my, which means that most likely you are an entrepreneur.  So there's that.  

I've used Linktree for years and I promise you I'm not throwing shade on that option.  Big fan of them to be honest because they are super simple to use. But as my business grew, so did my need to be a little more strategic with how I'm optimizing an Instagram profile.  The marketing and analytics nerd in me geeked out on how a landing page can increase my online traffic.  

Tune in πŸŽ™οΈto hear:

  • The 5 reasons I ditched a Linktree site and went with a landing page
  • The platform I use to create my page

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