I Love Cookies, And You Should Too If You Want More Sales

You'll Love Cookies If You're A Digital Marketer

Cookies, candy, pretzels, heck I love it all.  Except ice cream which I'm actually not a huge fan of. When it comes to marketing and creating a strategy for spending your ad budget, website cookies are the absolute best to understand and utilize to their fullest potential. 



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If you enter the world of digital marketing, you’re likely to hear cookies and pixels talked about nonstop. If you haven't, then someone call your advertising team (even if it's YOU) because they should be fired ASAP.  You really need to understand the difference between them in order to maximize your ad spend budget, because let's face it.  You can't grow your biz organically forever. 

Brace yourself because this gets a tad bit techy.  I'll break it down for you so that you can get a good grasp on it, but before we get into the difference between cookies and pixels, you should understand a few things. A web server delivers websites. An ad server delivers advertisements. Simple enough right?  What does that mean for you?  When you visit a website, that webs server plops their cookie onto your browser.  It's how sites like Pinterest or Facebook know when you return to them that you don't have to log back in.

Ummm hmmmm......so what does that still mean?  And why is a pixel different?  The pixel is the code that the ad company's server has you place on your own site, so that they can then grab the cookies you delivered up.  Therefore when you head back to THEIR site (Facebook is a great example) they know you also went to XYZ site because you brought the cookie with ya.  

And thus they serve you up a big plate of ads they feel you'll want to see.  AKA the ones that XYZ site spent money on with Facebook Advertising!

Trust me, it's easier to implement than you think.  I easily located the pixels I needed and placed them in my websites header.  So if I can do it, I have full faith in you!


By now you may be shaking your head thinking I don't know how to install a pixel nor do I want to.  Boy are you wrong.  If you place the cookies on your site, and then decided to spend money with -say Pinterest (now is the time to ðŸ“Œ this article to your favorite Pinterest board)- you'll be far more effective if your Pinterest ads show up to consumers who have already been on your website.  It increases the know, like, and trust factor and exponentially increases the chance of a conversion for you.  


You're going to get advertisements when you go online.  It's the nature of the beast.  How you can personally take control of what you see is to visit sites you have interests in (helllloooo Kendra Scott!  I see you girl!) and grab their cookies.  

That way when you're back on Instagram scrolling you'll see the KS ads, and not ads for some no-name company you have zero interest in. 

Isn't that brilliant???!!


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