Throw a Baller Event on a Budget With These 5 Tips

Throw a baller event on a budget with Joanne Bolt's 5 Tips

Your budget may be small, but your dreams are mighty big.  And let's face it, you're planning a champagne level event on a beer budget.



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 I have a little challenge for you.  Think of your favorite 3 events you've been to in the last few years (yes I am aware COVID may have impacted attending events) and outline why they were your favorite. 

I bet location, decor, food, and vibe were in that list.  Yes?  Same, girl.  Same.  

So how can you throw a pretty ballin' event for your biz and bring some of that same vibe in when you don't have the big budgets that others appear to have?

Ignore The Obvious

Let's start by pointing out the obvious.  Yes of COURSE you can  utilize vendors and sponsors.  But you need to?  And have them be pushy with your guests about their products?  Or worse, use the space to out shine your decor with their own?  (PS. I actually had that happen once. I 'hosted' an event and had a local lender sponsor it.  They provided the room for me, but I footed the bill for the food, speaker, and everything else.  When I walked into the room there was literally no where to decorate it because they had swag on the tables, huge signs about their company up at the front, and a massive sign in sheet) Hmmmm.....maybe we should all re-think this and how we can incorporate sponsors into our events in a more tasteful way?

Grab the win-win

My top tips for designing your event on a budget all revolve around a win-win situation.  How can you put y9ur thinking hat on to create something that is good financially for you while also providing value to someone else?

  1. Looking at location opportunities that you didn't think of before
  2. Finding a budding photographer, videographer or social media expert to provide a service during the event to you and your guests
  3. Exchanging your service for someone else's service to set the event up and market it how you'd like
  4. Utilize an expert to provide what you need and put them in the room with who and what they need
  5. Collaborate with other people's audiences

 Tune in šŸŽ™ļøto hear:

  • My deep dive int the  5 ways to go create win-win ways to reduce your expenses
  • Why I don't believe you should rely on vendors and sponsors too heavily
  • How I personally have implemented these strategies   

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